Should Schools Teach Gymnastics In PE?

Safety is going to be the main concern of most people when it comes to teaching gymnastics in schools.

No school wants a situation where a student falls off of something and injures themselves while practicing different movements, but the truth is that under the supervision of a qualified instructor who will make sure that children only perform exercises that they’re ready for, the risk of injury is minimal.

Of course some people will argue that it’s a pointless skill to learn and that if a school starts teaching one form of fitness then they need to teach them all, everything from Yoga to Jujitsu.

The argument that it’s a pointless skill is of course, completely false. Having a good control of your body is vital in every day life, as Gymnastics develops not only your core strength, but your reflexes too. Meaning you will be far less clumsy, not to mention physically healthy.

Why should Gymnastics take precedence over any other sport though, surely they’re all important?

In a perfect world we would have schools where every sport is available to all children, unfortunately most schools have to make do with only a select few.

The great thing about Gymnastics though is that by partaking in it you will improve your skills at almost any other sport. Fancy Basketball? Gymnastics will help with that. How about Karate? Gymnastics will help with that too!

Plus, it’s always better to start Gymnastics when you’re young and still flexible rather than when your joints have started to grow a little stiff. Also, many children might not be able to afford out of school classes.

There is a certain stigma about Gymnastics, that it’s a girl only sport as it has close ties with Ballet, but again this is another big fat lie.

Most guys out there find parkour to be a pretty cool skill, a skill which is as closely tied to Gymnastics as Ballet is. Now that doesn’t mean that they’ll be hurtling themselves off of rooftops in their very first class, but simply mention that Gymnastics will help them become a better free runner and they’ll be doing handstands in no time.

Having such an awful PE education growing up I might be a little biased, but I have little doubt that adding a few Gymnastic classes to the curriculum could really help students achieve their physical goals.